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Learn to fly in Denver at Centennial Airport

If you have always wanted to learn to fly but want to see what it is like before making the commitment to spend your time and money for flying lessons, take one of our deluxe introductory flight lessons - you'll see first-hand what flight training is like. Our introductory flight lesson goes beyond the typical intro flight where someone flies you around for 25 or 30 minutes. Our deluxe introductory flight lesson is very similar to the first flight lesson in our private pilot flight training program, and it’s two hours in duration. The first hour is spent one-on-one with a professional flight instructor going over the parts of the airplane, its equipment, and how to perform a pre-flight check of an airplane before a flight just like real pilots do every day.

The second hour is spent with you actually flying the airplane under the supervision of a FAA certified flight training instructor. Yes, you will actually fly the airplane and learn the basic maneuvers of flight such as turning, climbing, descending, and straight and level flight. Not to mention the amazing scenery provided by Denver’s great Rocky Mountains. The view is awesome!

The grand finale will be you making your first landing with guidance and assistance from your experienced flight instructor. After landing, taxing back to the parking spot, and tying down the airplane, we’ll take your picture with the airplane for you to share with all your family and friends. All this for only $159! There is nothing else like it in Denver.

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Download the FAA's Student Pilot Guide Here... There are lots of FAQs.

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