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Instrument Rating: IFR Training, Instrument Refresher Training, (IPC) in Denver's Centennial Airport

Are you ready to tackle the instrument rating so that you can fly IFR? We are here to see you through- all the way to passing your instrument check ride. Whether you plan to fly hard IFR, or just go through an occasional overcast, we can lead you to becoming a highly proficient and confident instrument pilot with the skills and knowledge to fly IFR comfortably and safely.

Just starting out and not sure who to choose for your instrument flight training:

Your first step toward selecting the right instrument flight instructor or instrument flight school is to know what you want to do with your instrument rating after successfully passing your instrument check ride. Will you use your instrument rating to improve the flexibility of the personal or business travel that you conduct in your own airplane flying IFR as a single pilot? Are you perusing a career in aviation where the instrument rating and flying as a crew is a must? Is flying mostly a hobby, and you probably won’t fly IFR all that much? What kind of airplanes will you be flying? How long do you want your instrument training to take? Since everybody learns a little different, and not everybody has the same goal or use for their instrument rating, your instructor needs to be flexible and adapt to meet your needs. Choose an instrument instructor who can design a course that will get you to your goal and who will provide you with the opportunities to utilize the system as much as possible during your training, so you feel safe and confident the first day you fly your first flight in actual instrument conditions as a new instrument pilot.

I offer instrument flight training for pilot-career students, hobbyists, and private aircraft owners. Whether you have decided to tackle the coveted instrument rating and are just starting out; have already started your instrument training but can’t seem to get it finished; or have completed your instrument check ride but just don’t feel confident enough to fly by yourself yet, I can help you get to where you want to be with instrument training designed for you.

Instrument proficiency checks (IPC) and transitioning into high performance airplanes and advanced instruments:

No matter how long it has been since you have flown IFR, we can help you get back in top shape again. I offer instrument proficiency checks (IPC), and other types of instrument refresher training. I can also help you with the task of transitioning into higher performance airplanes such as the Citation jet or Lear jet, becoming familiar with advanced instruments such as the RMI, HSI, and GPS, and managing a faster paced flying environment.

Supplemental instrument training to enhance your current or upcoming training program

If you are struggling with a particular element of the instrument rating such as NDBs, VORs, DME arcs, or holds, I can give you specific training in that area giving you the ability to use all available tools available to the instrument pilot when flying IFR. If you want to sharpen your instrument skills for an upcoming pilot interview or want to get ready for upcoming training in a high-performance aircraft, I can give you the edge you need to succeed. Remember, aviation companies only train pilots to fly their equipment, they won't provide you instrument training. They will send you home, so be prepared.

Want to advance your instrument flying skills ahead of your colleagues or fellow pilots at an affordable price?

Call today and check out my simulator based flight training. Fly a Citation jet, King Air, Beech 1900, or Cessna 421 all the way down to minimums. It's as real as it gets.

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