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Beech 1900 Training and Sim Prep

Prepare yourself for Beech 1900 sim training. Everybody knows the training is demanding. With my help, you'll have the edge on the first day of class.

Beech 1900D Training and Sim Prep First Officers (FO):

Some operators fly Beech 1900Ds and Beech 1900Cs with no auto pilot. This requires trainees know how to fly instruments (IFR) before ever getting into the Beech 1900D simulator. I provide Beech 1900 simulator based training to bring applicants up to speed on instrument flying; especially using the RMI. This includes all the call-outs. The simulators I use are modular flight decks configured as a Beech 1900D. Although not exactly like the Beech 1900 cockpit, they have the look, feel, and speed necessary to get you used to the performance and handling of the Beech 1900. No matter what you struggle with, NDB, RMI, ILS, DME ARC, I can bring you up to ATP standards in a short time. They will expect it when you get in their sim.

The Beech 1900 call-outs and flows are demanding, and I can teach you those, too. Don’t wait until class starts to begin learning these. They allow you very little time.

Beech 1900 Instrument Training and Sim Prep Captains:

I can work with you to give you the best chance possible. Most companies have a group great pilots who are some awesome guys and gals, but they won’t train you how to fly instruments. You have to learn it yourself before you interview, and you have to be highly proficient -- their way. There are certain things you have to know the first day of class in addition to the things they tell you to memorize in their new-hire information pack they send before class. If you don't know them, you will be behind the curve the whole time you are in training, and it is very difficult to catch up. I can teach you ADF/RMI, flows, and callouts with a Beech 1900D CPT. I can teach you how to stay within 1 dot on the ILS glideslope. I can teach you how to stay within 1/2 dot of a localizer. I can teach you how to fly a DME arc. I can show you what to be ready for in their ground school (indoc and systems). The Beech1900D simulator (FTD) I use will get you used to the feel and handling of their full motion sim they use. Just remember: There is NO autopilot.

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